Wedding Receptions are a specialty. EACH reception is different, and that is why Chad treats each one so special.
Chad sets up all equipent about 3 hours before anyone arrives, ensuring all wires are hidden, equipment is checked, and double checked making everything perfect for you.  Receptions are not a place for advertising. You will see no "banner" or any advertising whatsoever. This is the BRIDE & GROOM's day, they are in the spotlight, not Chad.
Dress is formal (full tuxedo) for Chad.

Music is played by requests. Chad will gladly take requests from your guests (as long as request is appropriate) and play them intermixed with what the Bride & Groom have requested. Requests will be played with some exceptions though. Be tasteful, no obscene lyrics, and please make sure it is something that everyone will enjoy.

Hors D'oeurve backround music begins upon arrival or your very first guests making then feel welcome.

Chad will work hand in hand with your Photographer, Videographer, reception planner, and banquet manager to ensure events run timley, and smoothly.

Here is a big item. When you hire Chad, you get Chad, period! You are hiring a DJ with 25+ years of experience. You are not hiring a company that may be training a "new person" at YOUR reception!

Chad will introduce your Grand Entrance into the reception area, provide a cordless microphone for any toasts, speeches, or blessings.

Wedding reception packages covers up to 5 Hours. The time starts when your reception is scheduled to begin with your banquet hall facility.

The total cost of your package is $600.00
There is a $100.00 deposit due upon contract signing. The deposit is deducted from the total balance, with $500.00 due the day of the reception.
A $25.00 per county travel fee will be assesed for every county traveled outside of Blair.